Dr. Justin Cannock on Healthy Cells

AvGro offers a series of soil amendments that directly address the soil and water needs of agriculture production, soil remediation, and coastal restoration. Our products are designed to transform damaged soil into productive land and to reduce dependency on synthetic fertilizers. Application of our mineral based product to land has no limits and will be effective regardless of the soil composition. The technology is also adaptable to varying climates.

Applied as a fine powder, the AvGro suite of products employ a series of complex scientific principles to innovatively orchestrate catalytic processes within the soil. By re- engineering specific oxidative processes, soil fertility - including moisture availability - is greatly enhanced.

Direct observational and anecdotal reports indicate that plants, flowers, and turf treated with AvGro require less water and grow more vigorously.

AvGro developed the product specifically to organic/non-synthetic standards. By controlling the water solubility of the product, combined with its non-toxic ingredients, there is no risk of pollution via leeching into the water table, soil erosion, or wind-blown effect. With each successive application the product builds, increasing fertility and moisture retention. By building biomass in sandy substrates there is not merely an increased retention of moisture, but an active sequestration of moisture that further promotes biomass regeneration.

Dr. Justin Cannock on Soil as a Living Host

There are no synthetic or animal-derived nitrogenous compounds in AvGro products. The technology was devised to be cost effective by utilizing the soil biomass to spontaneously generate nitrogenous compounds that support vigorous crop growth. This technique also produces drought resistant, pest resistant, and nutrient dense crops for human and animal consumption.

The AvGro product was designed to avoid the financial and environmental costs associated with fossil fuel based fertilizer manufacture. The product also avoids the costs associated with highly mechanized manufacture or multiple per-crop applications.

Healthy soils are essential for nutrient dense crop production for human and livestock feed. In addition to providing a stable base that supports plant roots and above-soil plant mass, soils store water and nutrients required for plant growth via a series of inter- related mechanisms. Understanding soil ecosystems is particularly complex in areas that are variously hot and dry, with high sand/clay/saline content to the soil matrix. The AvGro products have focused on this complex organic/inorganic chemistry, and mechanisms have been identified by which a simultaneous unlocking of nutrient content and increase in moisture availability can be promoted.

Dr. Justin Cannock on Biomass.

Expanding industrial agriculture practices and dramatically changing weather patterns continue to damage and deplete the soil matrix. Intensive plowing and monocrop agriculture systems result in nutrient depletion and wide-scale soil erosion, and over- application of fertilizers and pesticides contaminate soils and pollute waterways.

Crop harvesting is itself a primary factor in soil and water depletion. Each harvest represents a significant loss of nutrients and moisture from the soil. Without replenishment, the land rapidly degrades due to nutrient depletion, and crops become increasingly nutrient poor. Sustainable agriculture depends on replenishing the soil while minimizing the use of non-renewable resources, such as natural gas or mineral ores.

Is there an economically viable sustainable solution? AvGro has a proven technology to greatly help eradicate hunger, improve nutritional standards, repair damaged soils, and re-vegetate wetlands, all in a manner that replenishes our Earth.