Our lives depend on plants for virtually everything that keeps us alive; oxygen, food, fibers, lumber, and fuel. Plants are in constant motion as they develop, search for light and nutrients, avoid predators, exploit neighbors, and reproduce. Due to human activity, the soils that support these plants are often deficient and need amending. AvGro CROP/TURF, an organic soil additive, has surpassed synthetic NPK* in direct trial comparisons.

With AvGro CROP/TURF you can lessen your dependency on synthetic fertilizers without compromising yield, use less water, and naturally restore the soil food web.

AvGro CROP/TURF has a unique sorption complex, with properties that support active transport throughout the soil food web. Unlike 'consumable' synthetic fertilizers that are depleted - or lost to leaching - and require multiple applications throughout the growth cycle, AvGro CROP/TURF is not water soluble, and sinks in where you apply it. It doesn't wash away.

With each successive application of NPK the soil fertility is degraded via the acidic suppression of the soil food web, top soil is lost to wind and run-off, and there is selective leaching of essential micronutrients. Yet with each successive application of AvGro CROP/TURF the soil food web is amplified, fertile top soil is rapidly and naturally built, and essential micronutrients are both replaced and balanced.

How can a product that does not contain nitrogen actually provide nitrogen to plants?

It is surprisingly simple. Wild flowers bloom in nature with spectacular vibrancy, having all the nitrogen they need; no synthetic NPK such is required. This is because nature can – if the pieces of the puzzle are available – create nitrogen completely naturally. And natures' nitrogen is much more powerful than nitrogen from a factory. It takes a very small amount of natural nitrogen to do the job of a large bag of synthetic nitrogen. The scenario is identical with phosphorus and potassium.

AvGro CROP/TURF plays a master role in coordinating the natural production of NPK within the soil biomass. Where-as synthetic fertilizers are the lock to natural processes, AvGro CROP/TURF is the key.

There is no soil medium that is beyond dramatic improvement with AvGro CROP/ TURF.

(*NPK stands for the three major plant nutrients; nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.)

Benefits of Adding AvGro CROP to Soil:
• Reduces nutrient loss due to run-off.
• Reduces nutrient lock-up.
• Reduces moisture loss from soil.
• Reduces watering frequency.
• Promotes germination, root mass development, and total growth.
• Promotes soil structure and mineral/element availability.
• Reduces wilting.
• Provides organic produce of higher nutrient density.