AvMend is a far reaching product with a multitude of efficacies built in. It is the solution that can turn unproductive land into productive, vibrant parcels. It is also the solution that will stabilize wetlands and impede coastal erosion.

For Soil:

The mineral-based technology used in AvMend rapidly introduces a rigid matrix structure to the soil surface, allowing water to freely penetrate, while dramatically increasing water retention. Soil particles remain moist, yet are bound such that erosion is reduced and a protective vegetative cover quickly established.

This technology also binds toxic heavy metals, reducing run-off and wind dispersion, reducing the impact of heavy metals on the growth cycle of vegetation at the site, and locking the heavy metals into a conversion process beneath the renewed vegetation. This conversion process is unique, as the heavy metals are not merely 'locked away', but undergo chemical alterations that increasingly reduce toxicity.

This technology serves as a platform for soil food-web regeneration, and is applicable to environments that have been degraded due to mining activity, toxic manufacturing, spills, fertilizer/pesticide use, salt water intrusion, residential housing tract development, road and bridge works, etc.

The problem of increasing soil salinity is recognized by the UN and World Bank as a global crisis. AvMend reduces soil salinity not by removing the excess sodium, but by supporting soil bacteria that actively reconfigure the soil chemistry.

As AvMend is non-synthetic and non-toxic it poses no risk to the environment. In addition to binding soil particles, retaining moisture, regenerating the soil food-web and vegetation, this technology chemically binds toxic substances within the soil to reduce leaching into ground water, the water-ways of rivers and lakes, and marine environments.

Use of lawn and garden fertilizers and pest control chemicals has been identified across the U.S. as responsible for algal blooms in water ways and destruction of extensive marine habitats (known as 'dead zones'). Many of those habitats support seafood industries, which have suffered extensive declines in production.

AvMend encompasses fertilizing properties and therefore eliminates the need for synthetic fertilizer.

For Marsh and Wetlands:

Do you want plants with a more fibrous, hearty root stock? Need to establish faster ground stabilization? Do you want your plants to have a more mature defense system against insects and predators? Do you desire more aesthetically pleasing, vibrantly colored plants? AvMend can help you achieve these goals.

Forces of nature in coastal areas can be extremely harsh which presents landscaping difficulties not encountered elsewhere. Salt spray, wind, poor soil, dry conditions, shifting sands, storms and even salt water overwash will limit the success of plantings on these sites. It has been proven that using plant materials is one of the best methods of controlling erosion caused by coastal forces. AvMend adapts native and naturalized plant species to coastal conditions making them especially effective. With the boost they receive from AvMend, plants have an increased success rate and will require less maintenance and upkeep.

In addition to fostering more tolerant plants, AvMend has demonstrated efficacy in re-vegetating wetlands, bringing harmony and balance into these important ecosystems that help maintain river streamflow and groundwater supplies. AvMend successes include those coastal areas affected by oil contamination.

Wetlands are critical habitats for a variety of plant and animal species. About one-third of the species federally listed as endangered or threatened in the United States depend on wetlands. These areas provide resting and nesting habitats for more than half of the nation's migratory bird species. AvMend provides the elements needed for these delicate eco-systems to thrive.

Adding AvMend to these environments will foster natural re-vegetation, encourage biological activity bringing wildlife back to the area, and restore balance to the eco- system.

Benefits of using AvMend

• Reduces erosion and nutrient run-off.
• Provides immediate, permeable structure to unstable soil, sand, and mud.
• Promotes soil biosphere regeneration and support rapid vegetative regeneration.
• Binds and immobilizes heavy metals.
• Disinfects waste-water treatment plant sludge (including sewage.)
• Promotes aquaculture.
• Removes benzene and phenol from high-moisture environments.
• Removes ammonium from aquatic environments.
• Functions in both saline and fresh water environments.

From difficult access, to slopes, to environmentally sensitive areas, at AvMend, we have the knowledge and experience to overcome these challenges. AvMend products are designed to work in concert together. We can discuss a custom fertility program designed for any type of wetland or coastal area.