Herdis grew smooth cord grass plants for a marsh project using AvGro MEND. After the Gulf oil spill, he added some of the oil to the buckets containing both the control plants and to the buckets containing the AvGro MEND grown plants. After nine weeks, the AvGro MEND treated plants were thriving in oil, while the controls died. He said, "I have never seen plants this green at this time in the summer, with or without oil!"

Herdis N.
Owner, T-Beb Nursery



"We conducted a winter wheat trial of AvGro CROP on an acre plot that had endured limited success in the past. The section is sandy, next to a roadway, and had previously been unproductive. We treated it with AvGro CROP and it did well. The section yielded brighter, larger seed heads at harvest and the AvGro plants were approximately 4 inches taller then the control. No adverse affects were experienced when we used only the non-synthetic AvGro CROP."

Alex P.
Kankakee, IL



Regarding an AvGro CROP trial conducted at the Eppley citrus farm, the owner touted AvGro products optimizing properties when he said, "Most notable in the trial were the trees that were treated with 50% AvGro CROP and 50% synthetics. Not only did the trees ripen three weeks before the others, they tasted sweeter as they had a higher sugar content. Due to extenuating circumstances, we did not fertilize at all this year, yet we received the same results from the grouping of trees that were treated with a 50/50 blend of AvGro and synthetics."

Todd E.
Braithwaite, LA



"When we planted some raised beds in our yard for vegetables this spring we used plantings from identical sources and used AvGro CROP in the soil of only one of the beds. Right now, the plants in the AvGro CROP bed are thicker, greener and approximately 30% larger (height and leaf size) than those in the other bed without the AvGro CROP (in fact these plants are busting through the bird/animal netting covers that are four feet tall). Additionally, the zucchini growth in the AvGro CROP bed is accelerated. Interestingly, the fruit of the cherry tomato plants in the non-AvGro bed seems to ripen much faster than those from the plants in the AvGro CROP bed. We're taste testing in our kitchen as we bring the produce in - the AvGro CROP cherry tomatoes and peppers have a robust flavor that is better then the others."

Maggie C.
Channahon, IL



"Here in Southwestern Michigan I have very sandy, porous soil with little nutrients. After 10 years of continually adding compost, I still have to deal with these issues. When I used the AvGro MEND product, I found that I had stronger healthier plants which were much more productive. The marigolds were in two raised beds next to each other. The ones without AvGro MEND were 8" tall and small. The ones with the AvGro MEND product were 18" tall, full of blossom and robust. Carmen peppers...the ones without the AvGro MEND product were 22 inches tall and produced 3-4 peppers throughout the entire growing season. The Carmen peppers with the AvGro product were over 30" tall and yielded 6-8 peppers each."

Elizabeth P.
Buchanan, MI